a command line tool to upload AUR packages

this is a little script I wrote with molok, to help AUR contributers to upload packages


Remember to create ~/.aurup with inside:

usage: /usr/bin/aurup pkgfile.tar.gz category

pkgfile.tar.gz  ==  tar.gz with PKGBUILD inside to send
                    (autarchy or makepkg --source can be used)
category ==  category of the package or "auto" for automatic detection

/usr/bin/aurup -h        shows this help
/usr/bin/aurup -l        list available category
/usr/bin/aurup -c        check for out-of-date packages
  • ptchinster

    Maybe I cant read all 10 lines of documentation, but i notice the “auto” does… nothing except tell me
    “ERROR: Can’t find the category of the package.
    Is it already in AUR? (it should be :)”

    In the case above maybe you meant to make a smile, and you then need a closing bracket.
    “(it should be :) )”

    next… its just has never uploaded a package. I have to go in and submit it via the online tool. I would much rather do it in a nice CLI command. aurup gives no errors – one time i uploaded a package via the online tool and it returned a webpage saying “no PKGBUILD found.” I uploaded it with aurup and it returned no such error.

  • Eric

    Hello, for this script to work with the current AUR, you’ll have to replace all occurence of http: by https:

    You can find an updated version there:

  • seblu

    Should be possible to use the previous category  if already exists?

  • Hugo Osvaldo Barrera

    It would be nice if the configuration was stores in ~/.config/aurup, in order to comply with xdg-basedir-spec, and help clean up ~ :)