pactools is a set of tools written by archlinux users to improve pacman.

I collected them in one single package, now including:

Tools installed:

 *  pt-pacman-cage
       by: ody
       A script to keep the pacman db in a contiguous as possible
       place on your hd to make reading it quicker.

 *   pt-pacman-uncage
       by: ody
       To uncage your pacman db, after pt-pacman-cage.
       Use only if you have problem with pt-pacman-cage and you
       want to come back to standard db system

 *   pt-orphans
       by: Speek
       This script checks for packages that were installed
       as a dependency for another package, but are not
       required by other packages anymore. Orphan packages
       can be removed without breaking anything.
       NOTE: pacman -Qe shows only "explicitly" installed,
       this script shows only packages installed as deps.

 *   pt-pacsize
       by: hads
       How much disk space do my installed packages use?
       This script answers to the question.

 *   pt-deptree
       by: skoal
       A visual representation of packages dependencies

 *   pt-pacman-info
       by: Pável Varela Rodríguez [aka NeOnsKuLL]
       List the names of configured repos in your pacman.conf
       Calculates the total number of available packages
       in each repo
       Calculates the number of installed packages

 *   pt-repolist
       by: dtw
       Shows installed packages from a certain repo.
       USAGE: pt-repolist  [all]
        is the repository name
       [all] to include also NOT installed packages.

 *  pt-pacfix
       by: pierluigi
       A script to list all the packages currently installed, according to /var/log/pacman.log

Please remember: pactools comes with NO WARRANTY, use at your own risk
  • Bfg

    I’ve installed it and it seems it work very well…

  • pierluigi

    nice to get this kind of feedback :)

    thank you

  • Perfectcircle

    Good!pacman it’s more fast…
    Bravo Pierluigi,thanks

  • chowder

    links broken

  • Joxojujo

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